The Best Access Platforms for Your Business


access platforms for businessWhether you’re a large company, such as Tesco or Morrisons, or you’re a smaller business offering access solutions, the chances are that you will need an access platform in order to perform key jobs. Whether you need the platform to reach tall spaces in warehouses or for window cleaning, lamppost repairs and architecture work, an access platform allows you to access spaces with ease.

Access Platforms are used to perform work on the side of buildings, to reach tall spaces, or to perform key repairs on construction items. Easily transported and accessible, many platforms are used by the emergency services, and can be both set up and operated by a single person.  Unlike cranes, Access Platforms are used to ensure maximum mobility, meaning that they can be transported up and down the country when they are needed.

Unpowered Access Platforms

For those with the need for unpowered access platforms, those priced at the lower end of the spectrum are perfect, especially for smaller businesses. Easily assembled and used for when you need to reach aerial spaces, these platforms can be found in business around the UK – and are the most common. Usually small, you can still buy unpowered access platforms that can be used as scaffolding, to assemble against buildings, and platforms that can be used for professional services.

Self Propelled Access Platforms

These access platforms come with wheels and can be driven into position when needed. Some of these platforms can also move when in operation, which is great for those operating on the move, such as window cleaners and billboard workers. When using these platforms, you will need to be IPAF Trained.

Vehicle-Mounted Access Platforms

Some platforms can be found mounted on the back of trucks, lorries and other large vehicles. These are usually the platforms most likened to cranes, and the vehicle aims to support the platform when it is in use. These types of access platforms are mostly used by those in the repair industry, such as road maintenance teams.