Things to Consider Before Hiring a Cherry Picker

So you are working on a project that requires you to have access at different heights. So you consider hiring a cherry picker.

However, before jumping on the phone for the nearest access equipment rental company, there are a few things that you will need to consider.

Cherry Pickers are a fantastic alternative to erecting scaffolding to a building in order to be able to work at heights. But you need to make sure that the vehicle that you choose is suitable for the job.

There is no point hiring a a super boom lift that can reach 50ft if you are only replacing fascias on a shop front.

Given the level and complexity of the job you are carrying out there are specific access equipment for the task you need them for.

Low Level Access

If you are working between 5ft-25ft a scissor lift would probably be suitable for the job. This would include, signage installation, painting, window cleaning e.t.c.

Scissor Lifts are perfect if you just need a little extra height to make it comfortable for you to work.

Medium Level Access

Cherry Pickers are perfect if you need a vehicle to reach a bit higher than you low level access jobs. Depending on the size of the cherry picker you may need to contact the DVLA (  to see if your standard driving license covers you to work with such a vehicle.

Cherry pickers are the perfect vehicles for working on medium to high level projects including, street lights, window cleaning for medium level flats e.t.c.

High Level Access

Super Boom Lifts would be the vehicle of choice if you are looking to work ate very high heights, including tall office buildings and power lines.

Super Boom Lifts require a special IPAF licence in order to operate these for projects. You will also need to take out specific insurance for the time you are working on the project.


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